"Master Of Ceremony" lyrics - BAD COMPANY

"Master Of Ceremony"

Some people like to rock some people like to roll
Some people like to walk some people like to ride
Some people like to fly some people prefer the train ride
Is sixteen coaches long

Yeah the train ride is sixteen coaches long

You say you wanna change society but you live on
You say you want change society
And you say you want to want to be free

People got to learn to live together
People got to learn to live together
You can be communist a liberal conservative labor or
Anything you want to be
You can be a red neck jewish man thats allright with me
We got to learn to live together

You can be a black you can be white you can be green yellow blue pink
Purple or red indian blood
You can be anything that you wanny be please please
Lets learn to live together

I ain't never been to the ghetto in my life before
But I can understand some whites don't have it too cool either
Don't quote me in saying everybody has a chance to dance
Has a chance to romance a chance to dance
And has a chance to do anything they want to do
There ain't there ain't no god that says you can't enjoy your life
There ain't no master of ceremony that can fill your life
With worry and strife
Choose your own direction