"Peace Of Mind" lyrics - BAD COMPANY

"Peace Of Mind"

Well listen everybody out there in the world today,
I got somethin' I want to tell you
That just won't wait...

People going nowhere
'Cause there eyes are closed
They don't know what they are lookin' for...
'Cause nobody knows

People lookin' for something
That they're never gonna find,
Going round in circles, ya...
'Cause it's the blind...

Leadin' the blind!

Oh, yeah, yeah-ah...ya-ya...yah-yah

People they're chasin' rainbows
Got their heads in the sky,
Never findin' true reality
Cause, they're flyin' too high

People live in shadows
Never see the sun
Spendin' they're time
Drinkin' they're lonely
Lonely wine

Drownin' they're tears
Countin' they're years...

And I know they're lookin' for...
Peace of mind!

Yes, I know that everybody's lookin' for
Peace of mind!
Yes, I know that everybody's lookin for peace of mind
Everybody needs,
Everybody wants,
Eveybody needs...a little bit'a peace of mind...

Everybody must have a little bit of piece of mind

You want your happiness
Baby, go out and get it now
It belongs to you

Lookin' for peace
And the peace of mind


Peace of mind! (drawn out)