"At The Edge Of Time" lyrics - BLIND GUARDIAN

"At The Edge Of Time"

I step from door to door
My mind is misguided
Keep moving on and run forever more

Was a thrill what I see in the mirror
Was it fear when the end got clearer?
Now as my time is passing by
What are we waiting for?

You grow me wings to fly
And will I have another try?
'Cause I will not miss my moment again
I would not miss this moment my friend

No one knows the answer
What would have been?
The end still feels close
They don't even know it
There is no end
The gods will be with me
Carrying me alone
As much as I try to hold on
They fight me

I hear them calling
I hear them calling
I hear them screaming

They will wreck your soul
And the world will come alive
And from the end we start again
One story we say
It's the same old song

They call me and it was none to survive
Defeat, defeat, defeat, there's a war
The answer is clear
You cannot get over

My world shines forever
Like beyond the wall
And no one understands
You will see soon

The stars won't shine here anymore
They won't even try
We can't remember
It's all real and there's nothing we can do

Deep inside
They have children
On the wrong side they try to resist
Music no longer exists
The war comes and it shall call me

There's no releasing
Yes forever more
Yes forever more

It's turning us insane
It's turning us insane


Yes run into the leaves my friends
Don't be afraid
See the hole
We're walkin' in
We all fall it seems

There's no releasing
Yes forever more
Yes forever more

And from the end
In time they will save my soul
Yes they will do

I'm falling back
I shall overcome
And say you have faith
I open doors
It's when we get in time
It's when we get in time