"Distant Memories" lyrics - BLIND GUARDIAN

"Distant Memories"

Now, Storm, come closer
Can feel you're getting near
Just stay invisible
'Till it's over

But still they don't know
They're just caught in distant memories
Then these fools will fade away
They may not fear the Fall

They won't be anymore...
I hear their silent singing...
"We don't fear anymore,
We don't fear him!"

Now don't come closer;
Stand still, don't interfere
Don't move or things go wrong

We're trapped in Twilight
Trapped in the mind of
A sacrificial king
And the summer shall hear me
"I'm just a crow,
Dear old friend"

And when the time is right for changes
We will salute you
And the new Age may begin


When all the magic is gone
No need to carry it on...

Whatever the cost,
It will not be redeemed;
And whatever may come,
It will not bring relief

In the Mirror
They may claim to see
What is real behind
There it ends

And there is no return
They will go down;
They all will have
To drown

Out on the Dark, into the Grey
These wounds won't fade away
No matter what comes to say
These wounds won't fade away

The Storm comes closer
Can feel you're getting near
Just stay invisible
You're no saviour...


I know they reach out for someone
Reach out for the Great Unknown


They've thought it is time for changes
[Background:] "We will salute you" [2x]
Moved on to the Promised Land
Now let it begin
They've found a new god...