"Sophia's Lullaby" lyrics - BOB LIND

"Sophia's Lullaby"

"You'll make a journey over water,"
The Chinese fortunes used to say.
Not many trust those sunny proverbs anymore.
But sometimes love still finds a way.

Out there, this wounded world is struggling.
We turn our backs and let it die.
But you will sleep tonight, protected and secure,
'Cause some one cared enough to try.

These tiny whispers promise peace
As daylight moves in from the East.

Your little bed is made and waiting.
Your golden future's waiting too.
Some gracious hand reached through a billion hopeful dreams
And chose that this one would come true.

Tonight the dangers are behind you.
Your guiding star is bright above.
You came a long way over water to be here.
Some day you'll know how much you're loved.