"Two Women" lyrics - BOB LIND

"Two Women"

Diana says, "Man, that shirt
Brings out the blue in your eyes."
She tells you the things you say
Are such a welcome surprise.
Sarah says, "Jesus Christ,
Do we have to hear that story again?
Can't you pick up around you?
I'm not your maid. Is it too much to ask?
Put a coaster under that glass."

Diana looks in your eyes
And sees there's somebody there.
Sarah can only see the clothes
You left on the chair.
Diana brushing by, her fingers
Tingling your neck, triggers a memory.
You start reaching back for the day
Sarah used to touch you that way.

You twist your wedding ring
And wonder whether everything
You used to think was right could now be wrong.
But buddy, don't kid yourself.
If you move on to something else,
Diana will be Sarah before long.

Sarah picks up the kids
And brings in the groceries and bills.
She knows you and loves you anyway
Like no one else ever will.
Diana will always call from the shadows,
Promising more.
Either way, it's not easy.
Every step, either road that you take,
You're gonna carry the choices you make.