"No One" lyrics - BODEANS

"No One"

Cherry says that her heart ain't no good, it's been broken
You can see for yourself, there's no life in them eyes
She sits alone in a corner drinkin' not hopin'
She's just killin' off time, waitin' to die
Cherry, Cherry, will start to talk when she's feelin' her drunk
Sometimes there's no one to listen that don't stand in her way
It's gettin' harder to reach that point where she's soarin'
She hasn't heard that click in her head yet today

Leave me here all by myself, I don't need no one
No, it isn't very pretty, but it's a popular song
Now if you look at her close, you see a beauty
She was Queen of the Hop, and married in May
But her husband was young, he got scared and left her behind
Some people came and took her children away
I've been seein' her 'round this place for a few years now
Fallen angel of blue, like an Orbison song
She spills a drop or two on her tattered pictures
Her broken image will start to fade 'fore too long