"Red River" lyrics - BODEANS

"Red River"

It was the dead of night in late July.
Thunder crack made the angels cry.
Waters came and washed away all my
Fears, they had the final say. So, I took
My love to the water's edge. Took my
Love to the final pledge She said "Sorry
Son, I've had enough. This livin' on a
Prayer is just livin' bad luck."
And "bye-bye"...And the Red River took my love
Far away from me. Sweet Angeline
Turned and walked away into the night,
Into the water's way. She got caught up
In that river's flow. It took her down-
Down and it never let go. You talk about
Love like its a lastin' thing. Gold
Promises, in a wedding ring, we swore
Love, in a lastin' vow, but that just don't
Seem to matter much now.