"Give A Little" lyrics - BONFIRE

"Give A Little"

My daddy was a wise man, he said I would belong
Just have a little faith and trust - where your heart is, is your home
You'll never be a loser and losin' ain't no shame
'Cause with a little faith and hope you will win the final game

You'll be alright - just believe 'n you won't fail
You'll be alright - all the good will prevail
You'll be alright - always follow your heart
Holding on's the hardest part

Give a little, give a little, just give a little love
Give a little, give a little, it can never be enough
Give a little, give a little, and you gonna be free
Still I believe - still I believe

I never was a quitter - blame it on my youth
Destination anywhere - I was searching for the truth
Endless highways, the way is the aim
The road to hell is paved with good intentions everyday

You'll be alright - with a friend by your side
You'll be alright - stand up tall, don't you hide
You'll be alright - givin' more than you take
Is the key to your own fate


More than words can say
Give a little love each day