"September On My Mind" lyrics - BONFIRE

"September On My Mind"

Tell me what you feel inside
Tell me you still cry
Tell me you don't understand
'Cause there ain't no reason why

Tell me it is hard to take
Tell me it ain't true
Tell me that you can't forget
All the pain they put you through

Say that you will overcome
Say what you don't dare
Say that we will stand as one
Anytime and anywhere

We're all American - I'm sayin' it with pride
We're all American - September's on my mind

We all miss the ones who died
The world won't be the same
Since the storm of hate's passed by
We all know we're born again

We all share a common flag
Striped with our grief
Spangled with the stars of hope
Being free is our belief

Say it will be alright
Say you will forgive
Say there will be no more fight
In a world of love and peace

[Chorus 2x]