"Blame It On Me" lyrics - BONNIE RAITT

"Blame It On Me"

Blame it on me
Hold up my faults for all to see
Truth is love's first casualty
Blame it on me

Blame it on me
It's not the way love's supposed to be
Well, how can you so casually
Blame it on me?

Blame it on stars
Shining like headlights from a million cars
Strung like jewels from here to Mars
Blame it on stars

Blame it on time
The fugitive, the vagabond
It's the perfect crime
Poured like sand through your hands and mine
Blame it on time

[Instrumental break]

How can you talk that way?
Just turn around and walk away
Your words, they sting so heartlessly
But go ahead, be free
Blame it all on me

But one summer night
When my door is open and the moon is new
And some sad melody comes stealing through
And my heart should break in two

If my heart should break in two
Oh, baby, ooh...
Oh, baby, I'm gonna
Blame it on you
Blame it on you

I'll blame it on you, baby