"Here Comes Love" lyrics - BONNIE RAITT

"Here Comes Love"

Whoa... oh...
Yeah, yeah baby, hmm

In the beginning it was just for fun
Now you got me runnin' from sun to sun
Well the funny thing, baby, is that I don't mind
You know a real good thing sure is hard to find

That's why I'm singing a song
Ooh yeah, yeah
Oh no, no
Oh my, my
Here comes love again

Oh, yeah, yeah
Oh no, no
Ooh my, my
Here comes love again

So you thought you left the game
But you're fallin' just the same
Well, some things don't ever change
Here comes love again

Chicken and dumplings that's all it's gonna take
Just to make you stay for the ice cream cake
You think you don't want sugar, baby, in your tea
Hmm, honey, but the right kind of sugar, yeah, yeah, we'll see

That's why I'm singing a song
Oh yeah, yeah
Whoa, oh no, no
My, my here comes love again
Ooh (Oh yeah, yeah)
(Oh no, no)
(Oh my, my)

You're all out of tokens, think you're out of the game
But a kind soul'll come around and buy you right back in
Ooh, you wanna jump off that train and stay a while in town
But don't you know long as the world keeps turnin'
Love is comin' 'round
It's comin' around