"Fool Yourself" lyrics - BONNIE RAITT

"Fool Yourself"

Lookout boy your bound to change
You can't ever stay the same
Cause if ya keep on sayin the same ol'lies
Your gonna look around boy and find
Yourself outta time

Watchout girl the words you say
Don't really fit the play
Somebody else you might talk to now
And knows what ya say and what ya mean
But don't help this time

You might say that you ain't
Got a, hold on yourself
You might say that you only try your best
You might say that you only need a rest
You might say you can only fool yourself
Fool yourself, fool yourself

Don't believe the words you read
Their written on the street
Evry time you try to lay their game
Their gonna knock you down
And take your pride away

See how bad you need to cry
But no matter how hard you try
Its the same old story once again
You always hide from the one
Who calls you friend
I call you friend


Fool yourself [4x]