"Pleasin' Each Other" lyrics - BONNIE RAITT

"Pleasin' Each Other"

You remind me, you remind me
That it's a trick to know you.
I don't even know
How, I fel in love with you.
Was it your eyes, or was it your clothes,
Was the way you greeted me when the sun rolls, the sun rolls.
I was lonely when I first called you.
We were kids just foolin' with lovin'
You took me in, and you didn't even know me or my games.

I was out on the road, acting a lady
I was with him for one night for some love and a song
Then you came along, you don't care about money
You don't care about time,
And ourlove just keeps rolling, rolling along
Say hey don't you worry,
Cause we can get along
If were pleasin' each other
Pleasin'each other, pleasin' each other,
Can't be wrong.
[Repeat twice]