"Countracula (This One's For You)" lyrics - BOOTSY COLLINS

"Countracula (This One's For You)"

Ah yeah, Count, ah, why don't ya go ahead and count it off there, fella
Count it off
The Countracula here, baby
Bringing you the moment you've all been waiting for, baba
Yeah, let me tracle your neck, girl
Yeah, the word is out about the Count
And so let the Count begin, Count (One)

He's travellin' by word of mouth
And his a-count's gonna wear the suckers out, Count
...the Count
I'm a travellin' across your mouth
So let the Count begin, One
He's travellin' by word of mouth
And the Count will finally count you out
Ah, let me tracle you on the neck, baba

He's so amazing, travellin' by word of mouth
The word is out, about the Count
Travellin' by mouth, he's amazing
He's so amazing, he's going down for the Count
You're so amazing

Count, count us out, Count [3x]
Count count count count count
So let the Count begin
One more time, one, one
You can't count no badder than me
I'll tell you that right
Hey wait a minute, man
We sound like, ah, we got a Fake-a-teer in the house, ah, tonight, ah, he can't count, man
Ah, yeah, thank you ah, look ah, We'll send ya ah, check in the mail and we'll call ya
Who what's that?
For I'm for the Count
Who what's that? [3x]
Hallelujah, hallelujah
So, count it out
Alright, yeah
And you cannot count on me
So let the Count count out
You can count me out
That's what the songs about