"Take A Lickin' And Keep On Kickin'" lyrics - BOOTSY COLLINS

"Take A Lickin' And Keep On Kickin'"

It's your life
Yeah, it's time to start livin' in the land of more
Ready, set, go
It's your life
More, more, more
Oh, don't you know?
This is your life
Ever-lovin' life, yeah
Don't you know that this is your life
Don't you know it's your life?
Get ready, set, go
The music is the key to life
I don't be what you see
Groovin' naturally
It's your life
I'm just livin' in harmony
It's your life
You can be what you see
That's alright with me
It's your life

A listen to your heartbeat
Boom boom, boom boom

This is life
Yeah, ah livin' and ah lovin'
And I be ah hummin' and ah bummin'
What they say
That's life
Live your life [3x]
Some people call you crazy
Crazy as a daisy
It's your life
Give me the music, the music
And nothin' but the music
So turn the music on

A listen to your heartbeat
Boom boom, boom boom

Horns, hit me
And let the horns play
Ain't it groovy
Let the horns play
Everybody get groovy

Give me the music
Get it while it lasts
And get off your

I'm gonna live for life
Yeah, you know what?
There will be some sacrifice
But, ah, ah livin' for life
Yeah, who's to say what's wrong or right?