"Live My Life" lyrics - BOY GEORGE

"Live My Life"

I tell you baby, this is no way to live
Make sacrifies, til there's nothing to give
Everyone says there's rules to obey
I can't follow when things never change
Holding my chequebook, got a leak in the pipe
Food on the table, but the landlord's knocked twice
I want more than the shit on my back
I've worked too hard just to repeat the past
Satisfaction can be hard to find
I go crazy keeping it all inside
Ain't nobody's business
How I live my life
I learnt my lesson
Whether it's wrong or right
Ain't nobody baby
Gonna tell me how
I should live my life
Do it my way now
The roof is leaking, stack of pillows on my bed
No way to wake up, all the dreams in my head
Phone doesn't ring, got no man on the line
Things could be better but I still feel fine
Who can say what tomorrow will bring
You give nothing, expecting everything