"Whether They Like It Or Not" lyrics - BOY GEORGE

"Whether They Like It Or Not"

I'm a total experience
This is how I play
I'm not one of those people
With nothing much to say
I'm here to get busy
I'm here to throw down
I'm here to tell you that the
Boy's back in town
I want to tell you something
That you don't know
Don't know about me
They are much too blind to
Ever know the truth
Why can't they see
I don't care what people say
I don't care what people do
I can do what I want to do
Whether they like it or not
Satisfaction guaranteed
That's the way to go
Ain't no use in telling you
What they don't need to know
Some people are chilling
Some people are fly
That is what I'm telling you
Just don't believe the hype