"Had To Be You" lyrics - BURTON CUMMINGS

"Had To Be You"

Couldn't be a fancy dancing girl and it couldn't be an "also-ran"
Couldn't be my mother cryin' softly after hearing from my old man
Couldn't be the guitar player wailin' even though I really liked the band
Had to be you
Had to be you

Couldn't be the nights with the drinkin' crowd when it was too late to be too young
Couldn't be the nights with the early flights when every mornin' meant time to run
Old men just never talkin' about it, always sayin' I was much too young
Had to be you
Had to be you

What you gonna do if you ever find out we're wrong...
Just come crashin' down like thunder
There's a danger sign that says we've had too much too long...
You go rollin' like a landslide
Lady luck will be cryin'
And if I ain't dead you know I'm gonna be dyin...

Couldn't be the days with the guitar craze when I never knew right from wrong
Couldn't be my friend behind the bar who kept it open just a little too long
Like a hundred other magic moments darlin', when your're there to find another song
Had to be you
Had to be you

Couldn't be the real-life movie night when I stole one teenage kiss
Couldn't even match stayin' out all night when the mornin' smelled just like this
Couldn't be something that I'd forgotten, because I can reminisce
Had to be you
Had to be you