"Wakin' Up Today" lyrics - BURTON CUMMINGS

"Wakin' Up Today"

I lost my heart in the dream, but at least I got older
I saw my baby in the dream, but I never got to hold her
Wakin' up today, wakin' up today

I got frightened in my dream, I guess from lookin' up at Jesus
I couldn't believe it in the dream, just how far they'd go to please us
And I wonder what He's lookin' at each and every time He sees us
Wakin' up today, wakin' up today

It's too late now to run back for the darkness
It's too late now, the night's gone
Too late now 'cause you're off on your journey
But you can't go on, oh it's so hard to go on...

But you'll be dyin' in the dream, if you never try for livin'
The only commandment in the dream is that you have to learn forgivin'
Cause' the dyin' is the easy part, but the dyin' greets the livin'
Wakin' up today, wakin' up today

Hush little baby, don't you cry
Hush little darlin', don't you cry