CARMINE APPICE lyrics - Dislocated


I'm tired of being scared - scared of being tired
Everywhere I turn my liscence is expired
Sick and tired of in - sick and tired of climbin'
Up or down escalator going nowhere fast
Woke up today in my usual way - dislocated
Maybe tomorrow I'll fall through the ice-dislocated
I don't remember bein' here before
I don't remember nothin' no more
Running in a circle
But it don't seem to match
Every time I make a little turn
I find I'm turnin' back
What the hell am I doin'
Pissin' in the wind?
Sometime's you're finished before you begin
Wake up today or was it yesterday?
Maybe tomorrow -soon I'll roll the dice
Lord, won't you tell me what I'm doin' here?
Get down on your knees and pray to the Lord
Say a long prayer to the Dealer dealin' the cards!