"Boom Box" lyrics - CHRIS BROWN

"Boom Box"

Aye aye aye my chris breezy aye I love you patricia parker from west haven ct I just wanted to say your amazing I know we havent seen eachother since virginia that was the best now I just want to say to those ladies out their fuck with her you fuck wit me I will get my whole family I'm not playing with you now I'm a real nigga that gets paid every day now to the fellas out there don't play with her heart now she told me that she has a new man in her life that she loves with all her heart and I'm pretty sure he loves her to from what she told me in those letters now you haters out there like them bitch ass nigga keep messing wit my girl imma come over there and and show you whos a real man now back in the day me and patricia aka tricia p (I gave her that nickiname) me and tricia p went to the dance studio everyday we use to dance together and come up with the best things ever now she could of came with me and became famous and been happy but she choose to be a normal kid and I give her props on that well I'm bout to go I will see ya later love ya tricia p