"Gone Get It" lyrics - CHRIS BROWN

"Gone Get It"

Thick thighs tight booty damn girl you a beast,
You like prolly need a dose 'cause I need the release, hypnotic that's right what you doin' to me, somebody call the doctor quick because I need therapy. Just like a...are yah listen to me, the way she moves around and round she was made just for me, so like a...that's my word ill never get up and leave 'cause she the type that's right, give me all that I need...

...She recognize my game she dig that I'm young and I run it, run it and I ain't leavin' less you leavin' wit me, little mama I know you wit it so let's get it and leave

You gone get it, get it, you gone get it girl [2x]
I see that look in your eyes I see that lickin' your lips and I can tell what's goin' down how you shakin yo hips, girl get it, get it get it girl... oh oh

See now what you doin' to me got that robot type of movement as you move to the beat, stop frontin know you want it girl come go wit me, and I won't tell nobody else 'cause it's our privacy yeah,... I just saw you dangit girl I can't breathe, and my pulse is steady jumpim... how I feel all I need, how I feel so unreal dammit you killin' me simon says turn around and just move your body...