"Beggar's Moon"

A beggars moon, Enough to light my way
Sieve & scissors, Dogtooth sisters, Snow & rain
Laid down in a dark wood dreaming
Woke up to the sunlight streaming down
Through the redwood trees
Lazy bones, Pinky rings
Stale champagne & an empty bed
For the comedown king
Blood from a cherry, Sand from a rose
Do what you will or do what your told
Just don't, ask me to name names

Drain that barrel, Fill that pipe
Let the big red head do her dance all night
Backbeat mama make you feel all right
Groove'n it loose when I'm getting to tight
And in the dark days
When's there's a cold on the ground
Black water churning
Beckoning you come down
Hitched my ride to the Showboat Queen
Went overboard in New Orleans
Good lord will'n, That sun gonna rise and
Shine a light on this mystery

Faded days, Lunar & suede
Dreamless night in the white walled room
Of no escape

Thoughts in a tangle love for a loss
Stars on the ceiling coins to be tossed
And bones, to be laid away

Torn from love, left in disgrace
Hunted & haunted but still with a smile
On my face

Angry sun, turquoise sky
Silver tears the longest spoon the whitest lie
Look down your noses build more fences
The will is the wisdom to come to our senses
And see the open space inside