"Star Crossed Lonely Sailor" lyrics - CHRIS ROBINSON BROTHERHOOD

"Star Crossed Lonely Sailor"

Star crossed lonely sailor
You been out to sea too long
There's no love to save you
When your weather has gone wrong
So you set a course for nothingness
From back from where you came
Where sirens sing a song of love
To remind you of your pain

Silent lighthouse keeper
With your fire burning bright
Ever constant vigil
For lost mariners in the night
In the solitude of misty moods
You talk only to the waves
Who lend an ear while you disappear
Into the dark from which you came


We all have storms
On our horizon
And we all feel the sun
When it begins rising
And we all follow love
Even when it misguides us
But we can't see the light from here

Tearful grey eyed captain
Blows his lonely horn
His albatross above him
While his crew sleeps safe and warm
Set adrift through murky black
Where the moon is out to play
Where only those pure of heart
Can find their way today