"Leave My Guitar Alone" lyrics - CHRIS ROBINSON BROTHERHOOD

"Leave My Guitar Alone"
(The Chris Robinson Brotherhood)

Don Quixote got nothing on me
Saddle up the windmill I feel a breeze
I'm fully loaded, you got keys
Don't know about the next but the first trip is free,
So get free, baby on me

Night owl reasons & a trifle snow blind
Don't let the sun hurt those turquoise eyes
Skin like the moon in a medusa's wig
Strictly rockers when she makes your gig,
Makes the gig, makes it big

You can feed me to the lions, I don't care
Take my weed and my money and put it somewhere
You can do what you want to but leave my guitar alone
Do what you want to but leave my guitar alone

If the heater starts hiss'n then you hit the door
Old song & dance no less, no more
Baby your ceiling feels like my floor
Looks like a spider but you should hear it roar, hear it roar, yes it roars

Out in california their throw'n a bash
Where the growers grow green and they bury the cash
Don't worry baby how long it lasts
You got friends around sit back relax, relax, I got your back

I ain't playing at just being mean
I don't want to cause a scene
I'm here to give you baby anything
Besides that guitar only has 5 strings

The old caboose is rocking on down the line
Dew drop inn it sure feels fine
Get it all done before the fog rolls in
The sun shines back
We'll do it again, and again, do it again