"Some Gardens Green" lyrics - CHRIS ROBINSON BROTHERHOOD

"Some Gardens Green"
(The Chris Robinson Brotherhood)

Deep within your eyes
I see what hides behind your smile
What happened out there
To make you so scared
As to chase these wicked miles
How many have come and gone
Another brother, another son, another passer by
How many ways to say
The lies that find their way
Into the image in your mind

It's not all it seems
In some gardens green
Where black thorns are waiting
To wound tender hands
A dark fruit there ripens
Hung on a vine
And who dare not pick it
Will find love his true friend
Let it in, let's begin

Saw you sitting there
In a boat on a chair
Down a river
Smooth and wide
On the shore I stare
With our people standing there
As our mother floats on by
And as the river took her in
A storm did begin and blew the sky away

I remember you walking thru the park
A red scarf
The archer pulls his bow, aims for his mark

This tapestry we weave
Black thread and bright strings on a loom of tears and time
And with the fire all but dead
A cold lays around the bed
As she whispers it's all a lie, it's all a lie