"Let Us Take You For A Ride" lyrics - CLIFF RICHARD

"Let Us Take You For A Ride"

The bush upon the rotor pump
Is pushed into the floater sump
It's wearing out the grunion teeth
By bearing on the cog beneath
Which means in terms of tension swings
The seams of your suspension springs
In cyclic thirds are set apart
In very simple words, dear ladies
Your car won't start

[All singing:]
So we're making this offer
Ride with us, come ride with us
Through the countryside with us
For our bus has every comfort inside
We are pleading
Please let us take you for a ride

[Short music break]

To try to wrench the gyro sphere
Without a bench would take all year
Don't risk it like this on the road
The brisket feed light might explode

[Someone else:]
The ball valve's past the hydrotrend
There's something nasty round the bend
The loofah [?] tank is running slow (low?)

To put it very frankly
Ladies, your car won't go
So ride with us
Come ride with us
Better be allied with us
Here's an offer
That is quite bona fide
We are pleading
Please let us take you for a ride

[Very long music break]

[Cliff very fast:]
You know I wouldn't be surprised
That gasket hood looks pulverised
The shock recoil is now reversed
Compression (seep?) will soon distend
The leak that leaks in your big end
The lousy coke has got a hitch
Around the choke adjustment switch
Your piston spark (spout?) is dynamite
(in?/and?) cutting off the parking light
And, from its shake, your outside brake
Is needing a new drum!

[All (slower):]
In fact make no mistake
You've really had it chum

[Cliff (with others singing different words at the same time):]
So ride with us
Come ride with us

Past the forest
And the riverside
Take a tour with us
That's really nation-wide
For as guys we're really qualified
There's no need to look terrified
For when you have tried
You will say - wide-eyed!
We are just what the doctor specified
We are pleading, please let us take you for a...
...ride with us, ride with us

[Short music break]

Please let us take you for a ride