"Seven Days To A Holiday" lyrics - CLIFF RICHARD

"Seven Days To A Holiday"

I've got it
(Got what?)
Got this bus, London Transport said, "Okay"
(Okay, okay to what?)
Okay to use this bus for transport on our holiday

They're with it
(With what?)
With the plan that I have landed them today
(What plan? That's right, what plan?)
If we can do it once, they'll back us all the way

Seven days to a holiday and there's such a lot to do
Come on, fellas, it's up to you
We're in an awful stew, get us out of this spot
Are you with us or not?

Six days to a holiday and this bus must look like new
Shiny bright as a birthday gift, give it a real facelift
And it's body, the sheen of a top beauty queen

Five more days, just five more days
To fix up dozens of things
Let's spring-clean it from front to rear
(Yes, I've cleaned all the springs)

Four days to a holiday and we know before we're through
Our bus will be safer than any bank, tough as an army tank
We will check everywhere, though it's hard to get there

Three days to a holiday and those sunny skies of blue
By the time that it leaves our shed, our bus will be bright red
And we know that we will
(Paint Paree redder still voila!)

Two days to a holiday, all of the inside to do
So this old London bus can pass, as a hotel first class
We'll make everything fit including
(Ah, yes, that's it)

One more day, just one more day
So we must not waste an hour
Come on, let's get the plumbing in
(Cor, blimey, what a shower)

Off we go on our holiday and it's you we have to thank
Fellas, I cannot thank you enough for helping us with our bus