"Lost Angeles" lyrics - COLOSSEUM

"Lost Angeles"

The truth that I sing
And the words that I bring
Are all meant for you
The trees they are full
And the minds they are bare
And this time I care.

Everyone has a car
But they won't travel far
Nobody here has the sunshine like I have.

Sad sad town, sad sad town
In the burning desert
Shanty town, shanty town,
Shanty town of the millionaire
A man will awaken one morning
Alone in the big brown gras
A millionaire alone in the burning desert.

Here am I alone in this city
Ain't that a pity
I just want to leave
And get away from Lost Angeles
Earthquakes and smog
Are driving me out of town
I don't want to be here
I don't want to be around
Take me away if you please
I do not want to live in Lost Angeles
I don't want to live here
Just want to get back home
I don't want to be here any more
I want to be on my own
Take me away if you please
Get me away from Lost Angeles.