"The "R" Word" lyrics - CONFEDERATE RAILROAD

"The "R" Word"
(Dennis Linde)

I am a Southern boy and I was brought up to treat everybody with respect
And though I do my best you know sometimes it's mighty hard
When folks use the 'R' word to talk about my neck
They use that 'R' word when they talk about my neck

All across this nation an effort's bein' made to be so politically correct
It applies to almost every creed and nationality
But they still use the 'R' word when they talk about my neck
They still use the 'R' word when they discuss my neck

Call me a hillbilly, call me country-fried
And I will not object
Call me farm boy and I'll take that with pride
Just don't use the 'R' word when you talk about my neck
Don't use that 'R' word in reference to my neck

That little word don't bother me at all when it is used
Describing a sunset or a wine
But surely they could find some less offensive substitute
When referring to the cervical region of my spine
That verbal combination just gets me every time


Call me a clodhopper, call me a stump jumper, call me a pain in the tail
Call me antiquated, backwater cracker, call me Ishmael
Call me a knuckle draggin', inbred honky, call me a slack-jawed hick
Call me an addle-brained, shallow-minded boondocker, I don't mind a bit
Well that's all I've got to say, that's all she wrote, come on gang
Let's bring her home