"Thick As Thieves" lyrics - CONFEDERATE RAILROAD

"Thick As Thieves"
(Ric Kipp)

Well the boys and me, we're thick as thieves
We stick together just like glue
Yeah, we ride the range like the Dalton gang
And raise hell like a Pirate crew
Well, we're one for all, all for one, compadres all the way
From your first shot of snake bite 'til your last dyin' day

We're thick as theives, tight as a noose
Close as they come, out on the loose
One of us cries, we all go through it
Another lies, we all swear to it
If you mess with one of us
You've got the rest to go through first (hoss)
My posse and me, we're thick as thieves

Now if they call your bluff, when you're talkin' tough
We'll be right there to back you up
And we know it's true, we can count on you
When the goin' gets a little rough
Through thick and thin, lose or win
We're amigos down the line
Like the Texas Rangers and the Musketeers
Our motto's "Semper Phi"

Now when your wife's on the phone sayin' "Get on home"
We'll tell her you ain't here
And when she comes around, tryin' to track you down
We'll hide you out till the coast is clear
Yeah, we'll pick up the tab when the times are bad
And let you buy when you're ridin' high
Back your hand to the very last man
And set you straight when you get out of line