"Family Reunion" lyrics - CORB LUND

"Family Reunion"

Family reunion, she's gonna be a good one
So lemme bend your ear, the clan's all here for the family reunion

Well my cowboy uncles sing cowboy songs
And they get drunk and the words get wrong
My Blackfoot cousins say they're comin' this year
Well I hope they do and I hope they bring beer

You got the Mormons and the drinkers and the Mormons who drink
Well pay attention 'cause it ain't as simple as you think
They say there's some that don't believe in either
But I ain't seen 'em yet and my pa ain't neither

Well then I run into my favourite aunt
And she says "Corb, you still playin in that band?
Well, I guess as long as you're havin' fun
And you make a little money but we're prayin' for ya, son"

There's a whole lotta cousins that I ain't met yet
So you can imagine the shock I get
There's one of them I think I mighta dated back in school
But that's alright, in Alberta that's cool