"Blackout" lyrics - D12


The blackout (the blackout)
The blackout, the, the, the blackout

[Verse 1: Bizarre]
I'm on some other shit, saying fuck the government
Fuck Obama, whoever running it, I'm on some other shit
No faith for God, no faith for the job
Rape, rob, kill or steal, I'm a fucking slob
I'm a known sinner, I'm a lover of Bruce Jenner
I love to take her to dinner, man she's such a winner
Night of the living dead, school are hardly red
My dog was hardly fed, I mean I'm calling raid
I'm on a geek mission, nah I'm on a freak mission
I got an addiction to all these prescriptions
High on these acids, smoking a lot of broccoli
You gon' have the 2Pac to stop me
Pack in the four, shot Macklemore in the apple store
What the fuck am I rapping for, just to go on the world tour
Killing season, killing white people for no reason
Starting off with Slim Jesus (Come on, man, give 'im a break!)

The blackout (the blackout)
The blackout, the, the, the blackout

[Verse 2: Swifty McVay]
I kick your toddler, with Timberlands
Leaving out the size of Wimbledon
In the house dumping a similar act and kidnap him
Enforcement, jumping traffic while I'm laughing at [?E Clash?]
Your bitch in the passenger gag
A lot of rappers wanna raise a white flag
I blast and spill massacre, turn it into a maxi-pad
I'm backing that ass down, far as beef
I'm the only rapper walking around with the mad cow
The way I'm rushing these clowns, you'll swear I'm from Moscow
My gat is longer than the back of a crocodile
So what now? I wreak havoc if I'm stared at
I grabbed the basket and clamped his face with a bear trap
I run shit, like an Ex-Lax, don't fuck with the wrong one and catch flack
Your boss'll get bitch slapped
I won't be drinking beer when I open your six pack
I hit your vital organ and your vision gets pitch black
It's just the killer in me, I'm raised to be shady
Turn ghost, and you convince the [?], literally
My shot's more accurate than Kennedy
Back in '63, the worst thing you could never be is an enemy
I'm mentally distraught, Hennessy guzzling motherfuck
Does knocking women out as much as I want
You lose stamina, one punch, I feel like a slits hammer
The way that I manhandle your mommy and not, damn it!

The blackout (the blackout)
The blackout, the, the, the blackout