"Lit" lyrics - D12


What you all been waiting for
I'm the highest
D12, Slaughterhouse

[Verse 1: Bizarre]
D12, Slaughterhouse, I'm in your momma mouth
I'm who they talking 'bout, the last one walking out
I'll fight niggas, man, I slice niggas
Kimbo Slice niggas, left right, niggas
I'm nice, nigga, I'm smarter than niggas
I'm harder than niggas
Wanna catch the fade, nigga, I'm barbering niggas
Lot of Bizarre clones, nigga, I'm fathering niggas
Got hoes and money, I'm king often, niggas
I'm lit, yeah, nigga I'm the shit (yup)
Fight my bitch
She a red nose Pit, ready to sic
Neck snapper, gat packer
Big dick, big head, X-Factor
You know what I'm after
Locked off in the zone
Packing all chrome (bow!)
Fifth of Patron, now I'm Razor Ramone
I'm gone...
(Get this weed, right quick)
I'm gone

[Verse 2: Swifty McVay]
You ain't fucking with us
Think you tougher, nigga?
Then come and get us
My trunk is filled to capacity but you gettin' in it
Spinnin' revolvers and aimin' it at your noggin'
It's worse than walkin' in my face talkin'
The way I spark beef
You think I was standing on stage at an auction
The highest bidder can get in this coffin
I'm calling all of 'em, rappers, trappers
Doesn't matter after I put my hands around a man
I tear him like old cloth in a hamper
You rappin' but you mad soft
I swing the metal back and forth like a scratch-off
Back-slappin' the black off of urban rappers
I commence to cracking your jaw
Have you sipping a black straw
Eatin' on apple sauce
I'm evil and psycho, with greener hydro
The nuts of a rhino, "serial rap killer" is on my bio
Niggas hit the tile, I'm bleed rapid when I'm shootin' y'all
I got forensics wastin' all of they luminol

[Verse 3: Kuniva]
Please dog, don't let me catch you on your chick, slippin'
At the light, cheesin' and smilin' and lip-syncing
You bumpin' Jigga, get hit with round ones, Chris Griffin
All of this can happen right in the middle of Big Pimpin' (damn!)
Leave a nigga jaw in the dirt, cock it and murk ya
Bitch face, smackin' the head board, baller alert
Call me a jerk, I'm not hospitable
Snatch your residuals
(Mama I love you, P.O.P. hold it down!)
Clappin', I'm rid of you
No bean, I'm filling you
So I'm on some other shit
Told your momma "suck a dick"
Apologize, then told her to suck another dick (hahaha)
Pulled out the shotty then jumped up
It's pumped up like it's under investigation for using supplements
Shady shit, '86 anybody and maybe this'll
Help your bars get on that retarded flow, crazy spit
Devil's Night part two, crew deep as the navy get
Shit is colder than the hands on Baby get

Hit a nigga with a couple shots
Just to say it ain't no sucker in me
Then I shoot his lady in the pussy
Yellin' "y'all bitches ain't fuckin' with me"
Hater yelling "you can go to hell"
Since this Devil Night, y'all comin' with me
Unapologetic alcoholic
I'm plottin' on my brother kidney
I'm drunken off my Vodka, nigga
I'm apocalyptic, I cock the biscuit
Take your dome and then I make it home
'Cause I'm optimistic, I'm monolithic
I'm bigger than life and my hammer drawn
Bullets looking like cannonballs
Look at his eyes, they wide open
Like Diana Ross on Adderall
I had it all, then I lost it all
Got Jammed up and then talk it off
One deal, lost a quarter mil'
That shit hurt but I walked it off
Swinging best like the white socks
Uppercut you out your hi-tops
The illest nigga living with the lyrics
I'm killing niggas quick as white cops
But fuck 5-0, just keepin' them bars where I go
Keepin' them bars around me
Like I'm building a jail for myself like Pablo
You think I'm sane I'm not though
I shot you over my taco
Then drove off in that Peyton Manning
Nigga, that white Bronco