"Witch In The Canyon" lyrics - D.I.

"Witch In The Canyon"

See the eyes glowing in the shadows.
Does she have an evil mind?
No one knows.
Walking so gently amongst the trees,
Now I think she's after, she's after you and me.
Is it mindless evil?
Oh, we don't understand, and so the children ran.

Chased, chased by an evil power.
You're gonna be stocked,
Until the milk goes sour...
Chased, chased your nightmares have just begun.
You're being stalked by the witch in the canyon.
How does this woman survive?
Cobwebs in her hair,
Man is she dead or is she alive?
Feel the awsome power until the very end,
Until your life goes sour.
And so the children ran.
And so the children ran.


See the story, the story's all the same.
One more little pick, one more pick on your brain.