"It Comes And Goes" lyrics - DANIEL O'DONNELL

"It Comes And Goes"

Everybody asks if I still love you
And if you're still on my mind
They ask me to tell 'em 'bout my broken heart
And I tell 'em that I'm feeling fine
I lie a little bit, and I proudly say
Our book of love is closed
And your memory never bothers me
And when it does it comes and goes

It comes and goes all right
Comes every morning and it goes all night
I save a lot of pride and I haven't really lied
I just tell 'em that it comes and goes

Everybody asks if I cried when you left me
And if I've cried for you since
They hope I have so they can all get together
And laugh it up at my expense

So I lie a little bit and I proudly say
Not one tear drop flows
When there is a little pain it's not a constant thing
It kinda just comes and goes