"Roseland Taxi Dancer" lyrics - DANNY O'KEEFE

"Roseland Taxi Dancer"

Come on now Granny dear
You're much too old to cry
You've had your memories
But, deary, so I have I

She was the sweetest rose
Of all that strange bouquet
The music played forever
As we danced the night away

Come on and take a chance, sir
On a Roseland taxi dancer
Hey, hey, dance your night away

Here's your ticket to romance her
C'mon, sailor, what's your answer
The band'll play
Until the break of day

And though she'll never love you
You can pass away the while
Trade your ticket for a smile

I got a ticket for one more
C'mon you've nothin' left to lose
It's once more round the floor
Sweety, listen to those Sugar Blues

C'mon now granny dear
You're much too old to cry
You've got your yesterdays
But, deary, so do I