"Shooting Star" lyrics - DANNY O'KEEFE

"Shooting Star"

She passes through the door it falls behind her
A fly's wings curl burning in the air
A rainbow rises from a frozen cup of coffee
The elephant is sitting in the chair

The Bookworm is eating his way through the funnies
The Dumplings sit giggling in delight
The morning is waiting for Elektra
But Elektra is mourning for the knight

And I'm falling
As I usually do
When recalling
All that's left of you

The lady's lover is chattering in the corner
Chewing on the holey sole of his shoe
The Dancer's still singing from his poster
But he's slowly fading from black to blue

Urantia is rising in the distance
The Adjuster is waiting in the dawn
Another shooting star has fallen
And when they don't come back, they're gone
When they don't come back they're gone