"Thus I Have Spoken" lyrics - DARK FUNERAL

"Thus I Have Spoken"

Hear me now, let this be the day of reckoning
The gauntlet's been thrown, and the challenge is met
With death-rattle chains and brimstone from below
I will come, black-hearted rage and eyes of burning coal

Let the fire burn and blood flow
Let the skulls and bones tower up to the heavens
Cloaked in shimmering stellar glow
Radiant with the cosmic light, I will come

From liquid darkness I appear
Unholy fire is needed to cleanse this world
Free from my cursed bounds
Once again trample the earth

Bound to evil, carrier of Satan's mark
Wherever I will walk, world will tremble
Thus I have spoken
Thus shall it be

Chaos swallows the earth when I release my Christian hatred
A hatred older than memory
I move across worlds like a dark plague
Across boundaries unseen
I ask for the gates to open
And for my legions to be set free

Call upon the power of darkness, form and shadow
Call upon the power of the ones whose fate is bound to mine
Call upon master Satan, give shadow form, lend me your eyes
Grant me your crystal vision and teach me what you would have seen

The chain of Christian force broken
And the great darkness is loose upon this world

Thus I have spoken
Thus shall it be