"Manzanita" lyrics - DAVE ALVIN


Manzanita growing wild on the hillsides
Where sage and eucalyptus fill the air
Through the years I dream of returning
But in my heart the manzanitas there

Her parents never liked it when I took her
Walking in the canyons after sundown
Through the cactus, sage and manzanita
Until we found a secret place to lay down

In the wintertime, the rain beats on my window
And in spring I watch the cherry blossoms blow
So far from my youth in California
So far from a boy I used to know


I see my daughter's face in the mirror
And I wonder if she'll do what I have done
And walk with her love in the canyons
Then leave his arms, turn away and run

They built houses and highways near the hillsides
And I married and divorced twice since then
But there's still manzanita in the canyons
Where I pray someday I'll walk with her again