"Here It's Almost Sunset" lyrics - DAVID CROSBY

"Here It's Almost Sunset"

Here it's almost sunset so
Why is the sun shining brighter
How can that be
How can I still see
Everything all around me
Darker and lighter

Stumbling down this avenue
Thought I'd call you and try to describe
These treasures I've found
Just lying around
And I'm crying out loud here
To reach the rest of my tribe

A player is speaking to me
His brain running out of the ends of his fingers
He is speaking in tongues
His feeling just runs
Right up my side of the street
And a hint of it lingers

This is probably all my fault
This is the life I chose
For better or for worse
I picked this verse
As one where finally
I tell where the truth rose

And my truth is just this
The music snuck in and it's playing me
The keys and the strings
Are all wonderful things
Taking a hold of and then
Setting me free