"Somebody Home" lyrics - DAVID CROSBY

"Somebody Home"

I know what you think about
Guys like me
Looking at you hungry
Loving what they see
And only seeing the surface
And not what's beneath

We're thinking about winning ya
Like winning a race
And missing you and watching them
And being stunned by your face
But when I look at your face
I think there's somebody home

I wonder what your thinking
Wonder what you see
Wonder why you're looking
At a man like me
But when I think about calling you
Think there's somebody home

I've seen you walking
I've heard you speak
Heard you at a whisper
Seen you weak
But when you sing to me
There's somebody home

One of these days I'll
Get my courage up
Sit down at your table
Pour some coffee in my cup
And I will tell you I love you, yes I will
'Cause there's somebody home