DAVID WILCOX lyrics - Oil Talkin' To Ya

"Oil Talkin' To Ya"

There will be beautiful lives lived out full and long
Long after the transition when the oil is gone
There will be gardens green and houses warm
Good livelihoods providing for the hearth and home

So when the sadness seeps
Through the cracks of grief
Hopelessness will speak
From the dark and deep...
That's just the oil talking to ya
It says you got no choice
That's just the oil talking to ya
But there's a brighter voice

There will be kitchens full and parties loud
Inviting conversations with the neighbor crowd
There will be bright ideas - ways to get things done
Time to raise a family and time for fun

Right now it's harder to hear over the Huxleyan toys
Drowning out the answer with the engine noise
But there's a world outside that we have still not seen
Because we're busy being driven by the old machine
We see the same old new upon the same old screen