DAVID WILCOX lyrics - Tip Of My Tongue

"Tip Of My Tongue"

I sighed for you, with my pen in hand
Then I got the inspiration
The words so pure - so real - so grand
The writing was a revelation (it was...)

A lightning bolt that I could hold (it was...)
A passage I could now unseal (it was...)
A secret only I got told
Where the mysteries are all revealed

I was always trying to find a way
Been working it since I was young
I know what I been trying to say
I can taste it on the tip of my tongue

I'll tell the truth of all I know
There was nothing in the world to stop me
I held the proof, to crack the code
But I sent you out my only copy

And they lost it in the U.S. mail
'Cause I only had your old address
It was poetry that could not fail
But it's blowing through the great S.W.

I was always trying to find a way...

Wind out of forever Swept away the letter
Tumble down the weather worn sand
Words upon the paper Fading back to nature
Lost upon the desert land