"Instinct" lyrics - DECAPITATED

(Waclaw "Vogg" Kieltyka / Rafal "Rasta" Piotrowski)

Hunting for some satisfaction?
Follow the species hidden under royalty of our kind
Instinct and treacherous mother Evolution
Left the beast standing at your side
Congratulations! You are the highest of the links
But remember! You can't deny what you are


Couldn't it be different
'Cause we are the whores of the porn generation
Nude witches on the walls
Lewd spell cast on media trash
Listen to their voices lilt
Can you hear them, calling for your animal?
Inquisition of paraphiliac minds

Orgasmic value rules the aphrodisiac world

Fuck, fuck for money!
Fuck, fuck for name!
Fuck, fuck for money!
Fuck, fuck for fame!

Masked with exquisite lives
Avoid taboo world, taboo world
The forbidden world of primal pleasures
There is no freedom in our nature
Whenever you reach!
Whatever you achieve!
Whoever you are!
There is no freedom in our nature!