"Veins" lyrics - DECAPITATED

(Waclaw "Vogg" Kieltyka / Rafal "Rasta" Piotrowski)

Marked as a "new human breed"
With the face ripped from the amorphic body
Half breathing to not disturb this order

Wired to a demo-god, upgrading the faith
Downloading the holy soul-ware
Saved or just safe?

Data flooding a weak brain
Confused mind under mass media control
Submissively taking the nourishment
Until it pukes with cybernetic dope

New age has come, shiny screens display the true world
How many bytes are You worth?
You get a "sweet" and it does the trick
Be a clown or get the throne through knowing "more"?
Through knowing "more"

Mental extermination machines
Pumping shit into the brains
Global factories mass-producing
The new kind of man
The numbered model scalped of identity
Steered and deafened
I cut the wires, I wrestle with the veins
Must disconnect!

Millions of clones, humanoidal folk
Being bred and dying
Suffering the same kind of dole
Touching the throne, the invisible throne
Are the kings of lethargy
Chained to the fake crown
Serving the gods, the digital gods
On the altar of stripped privacy

Fucking system's sluts!
Fucking system's sluts!
Fucking system's...
Fucking system's...
Fucking system's sluts!