"Rejoice" lyrics - DEVIN TOWNSEND


Now we've arrived in a new time and world
And elements are we of gold
How many times were we able to see
The infinite void of the soul?
All that way gonna give it away?
You're gonna give it away to some muscle?
Long, long way till the pain is at bay
So hit it one more time!

Along that way got the temper at bay
Finding new ways to loosen the load
And we will settle the day when the son will obey
And the gods of it all will implode
Long, long way you're-a-giving away
You're gonna give it away to the muscle
You've come a long, long way so be not afraid
You've gotta use your mind!

Alien world
Arrogant mental
This world seems arrogant
Sick and demented
Alien world
So you bet your body and soul!

It hurts so much and that is why they fear it
But never fear, all is here!
It hurts so much and that is why we fear it
But pay no mind

Don't fear it! [4x]

I know you'll follow
I know your war