"Z2" lyrics - DEVIN TOWNSEND


Good evening, come in, come in
Sit close, we have a guest for you!
An alien, a creature from the fourth dimension!

Welcome to the scene of creating and absorbing your light!
Welcome to the freedom now, creatively in your mind!
Welcome to the freedom see, everybody's everybody

Now: everybody's free to say anything to anybody
Everybody's free to say anything you want to flow the cause!
Everybody's free to be anything for everybody!

He's coming, he's coming, he's coming!


Ziltoid you're on the air!
Ziltoid you're on my show, solo!
Ziltoid you're on the air!
Ziltoid, you're on my show, solo!

Ziltoid we're on the air! (Let's do honesty)

Ladies and gentlemen, we take you now to a celebration currently in progress for the intergalactic celebration...ZILTOID, THE OMNISCIENT!

Across the sky, we see the universal in the eye of all mankind!

People of earth...the Ziltoid show!