"Wandering Eye" lyrics - DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT

"Wandering Eye"

If the seeds that come for me are protecting your lie
Why fight? Just come towards with forces, DO IT NOW!

I crawl around ivory thrones and your wondering eye
Your wandering eye, your wandering eye your...

Oh, sing it Loud!
Those wandering eyes are so weak so sing it:
Oh, sing it Loud!
Ah! Oh no you've gone away!


Captain Spectacular: Not so fast... we need to get a few things clear,
We going to need your to sign a truce, this is our lawyer

Lawyer: Hello Ziltoid, this contract between us:
-You agree to join forces with the humans
-You agree to no turn against the humans
-At the end of the day, forthwith and without prejudice
-You relinquish your command over to captain spectacular
-Very good, sing here... here... and here.

Ziltoid: OKEY! Thank you very much... do you mind if I use bathroom for a moment?

Captain Spectacular: Not at all...

Ziltoid: yes, out in a jiffy!

Ziltoid: Silly hymans, they free me, yet they do not know the depth of my evil.
Yesss, I have something in mind for them, and the war princess

Captain spectacular frees Ziltoid... and an uneasy truce is born.
The battle's about to begin, the war about to commence
Preparations for the alliance are now underway.
Ziltoid and the human army get their collective poop in a great big shiny group.
The first order of business: beat that war princess before she begins stage three of her attack!
Ziltoid knows of something even more powerful! Something so creazy and dangerous
No mere mortal dare utter the name of aloud unless they
Want their head to explode in to tiny bulbous shards.
But for the sake of your listening pleasure and today's story
We're just going to call it by the human translation: Herman- The Planet Smasher

Captain Spectacular: Now don't pull any fast ones Ziltoid
You need to get that weapon of yours down here.
There's a lot riding on this trust I've got in you. Don't let me down!

Ziltoid: Aye Aye captain poopypants, don't worry I shan't let you down, I'm on your side!

Ziltoid is keeping to himself that he's only too aware of the great danger
Of dealing wit the Planet Smasher... and just what it might bring...